Turn your passion for teaching into a thriving online business

Everything you need to run a digital coaching business, in one place.

Strydal is enabling me to
take my yoga business to the next level.

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Top creators on Strydal make thousands of € each month

Focus on creating and serving your community. Strydal takes care of the rest.
Be independent and work from anywhere in the world you want
Own your revenue stream and unlock limitless earning potential
No technical knowledge or coding skills required to get started

What can I offer my audience using Strydal?

Focus on creating and serving your community. Offer your clients the services they are looking for.
Online live classes
Lead group classes, give 1:1 coaching, host workshops and special events.
Videos on-demand
Your members can train with you whenever they like. No limits to video uploads.
Cohort-based programs NEW
A new type of online course that's community-focused, time-limited and goal-specific.

Strydal is a place for independent creators in the fitness & wellbeing industry – focus on what you’re good at, we’ll take care of the rest

Our goal is to empower fitness & wellbeing creators to turn their passion into a thriving online business.

One platform means a high-quality experience – for you and your members

Patching together different tools is frustrating for everyone. With Strydal, that’s a thing of the past. Now you just need one platform.
Schedule, book and join live classes
Build your own paid video library
Collect payments automatically

Strydal is the platform of choice for ambitious creators all over the world

How do I manage my online business?

You get an overview of your business at a glance. It includes all the key information and tools you need, so you can focus on creating.
Overview of your clients: paying and non-paying members
Proven tools for growing your business (like free trials & discounts)
Get 1 payout a month (all client payment is handled by us)

Strydal is intuitive, clean and easy to understand.

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Frequently-asked questions

Is Strydal available in my country?

You can currently use Strydal to run your business if your fiscal residence is in any European country. You'll find a list of all supported countries here.

How can my clients find me?

On Strydal you’ll get your own channel with a unique URL. Share it with clients and use it on social media, your website and anywhere you like.

Do I still need Zoom or another video tool?

Strydal has its own video conference tool. It’s like Zoom, just made specifically for teaching fitness and yoga in small groups of up to 12 people. If you'd like to host larger classes, or prefer another conferencing tool, you can seamlessly integrate it with Strydal.

What are the fees for using Strydal?

You can start for free. Once you start earning money on Strydal, we'll charge 10% commission plus an industry-standard payment processing fee of 3%.

Are there any usage limits (e.g. videos uploaded)?

No, your Strydal channel is unlimited. You can upload as many videos, host as many classes and have as many clients sign up as you want.

What gear do I need to host live classes on Strydal?

You can start hosting classes with an iPhone and the Strydal iOS app, or with any laptop/tablet via a web browser. But better gear will considerably increase the quality of your class, and result in a better experience for your clients. You can find more information in our help center.