Grow Your own online Yoga BUSINESS
We enable you to run your own online business by giving you all the tools you need to offer clients a premium yoga experience
Bring your teaching online
We support yoga teachers all over the world to build their own online business and offer the best online yoga experiences for clients.
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Engange with your community

With our custom platform you stay connected with your clients from all over the world.
Let them practice with you from the convenience of their living room.
OFFER Online Yoga CLasses

More and more students want to practice online with you?

We provide you the tools you need to offer high quality online Yoga - from Live-Streams to Live-Coachings and pure on-demand classes - all available for private 1-on-1 sessions and group classes.

Stay tuned for many more features to come!

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An Alternative to zoom and youtube, just made for yoga

You've tried Zoom, Youtube or Skype, but wish there was a better way to teach your clients?

Our technology for videoconference is made only for Online Yoga - so you can really deliver a premium service to the clients.

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Your Own Online Platform

You'd like to build your own loyal client base and offer them premium online services?

With Strydal we offer you a yoga-focused platform, where you can run successfully your online yoga business and build an engaging 'online-yoga-tribe'.

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What you'll get

Location independent

Teach from anywhere in the world and still run a successful business

Increase your audience

Engage with your existing clients and new ones from all over the world

Add new revenue streams

A complementary service to your in-person classes

Build your online business now
Offer live-coachings, live-streams, on-demand classes
and much more to come.
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