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How can I book a class?

Every class has a credit price - you can either book only this class (pay-per-class) or use pre-loaded credits on your Strydal account. If you do not have (enough) credits on your account you will get automatically referred to our checkout page to buy new credits. You can only buy new credits on the web (it is not possible through the iOS App).

How can I join a Live-class?

In order to join a class you need to book the class in advance. After you booked your class, you will find your upcoming classes in your calendar. 15 minutes before the class starts, you can join the live-class - so you will have enough time to get ready.

How does the credit system work?

The credit system is a way for you as a students to book classes (or other services on Strydal). 1 credit is roughly 1€ - depending on the package/membership you choose. If you choose a subscription or pre-load your account with more credits, you will get a discount.

How short in advance can I book a class?

Our classes always have a maximum limit of clients. In order to be safe you need to book your class in advance. But if there are free spots, you can book your class until the class starts.

How long in advance can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking as long as the class has not started yet.

Is there a Strydal App?

Yes - we have an IOS App so you can use your iPhone or iPad to join the class. We do NOT have an App for Android and others. You can download the App here.

How to join a Live Class

What do I need to join a live-class?

Everything you need to join a live-class is your laptop (or iPhone/iPad or Tablet) and your yoga mat. OPTIONAL: For a better experience we highly recommend to connect with bluetooth headphones and to connect your device with your Smart TV (bigger screen).

Do I need a yoga mat?


Do I need any other gear besides my yoga mat?

No - in case you need any other gear you will find this in the info box for each class. But don’t worry, you can also use books, towels, bottles in case you are missing some gear.

Do I need to turn on the camera and microphone of my phone/laptop?

Yes. We require everyone to have their camera ON for the duration of class. This is for the teacher to see and hear you and therefore is able to teach clearly. You can find more infos about your microphone & camera settingshere.

Do I need headphones/earpods?

They are not mandatory but we highly recommend to use one.

Can I join with my mobile phone?

You can only join via our iOS App but NOT web-based with your phone. Download the appiOS App

Can I join with my Laptop?

Yes. But you need to use Google Chrome Browser. In case you do not use Google Chrome, download here.

Can I use only Google Chrome as a Browser?

Yes - we can not guarantee a good quality in case you use another browser. You can download Google Chrome here.

Can I join with my tablet or Ipad?

Yes - for iPad you can download our iOS App. In case you use another Tablet you can join web-based with Google Chrome Browser.

Can I connect my iPhone/iPad to my Smart TV?

Yes you can connect your iPhone/iPad with your Smart TV. There are basically different ways to do so:

  1. Connect via Apple TV - check out how this works
  2. Connect via adapter and HDMI cable - check out how this works
  3. Connect via FireTV Stick - check out how this works

Can I connect my Laptop to my Smart TV?

Yes you can connect your Laptop with your Smart TV. There are basically different ways to do so:

  1. From Apple device to your Apple TV (or Airplay 2 compatible Smart TV) - check out how this works
  2. Connect via HDMI cable - check out how this works
  3. Connect via Google Chromecast - check out how this works
  4. Connect via FireTV Stick - check out how this works

Do the other clients see and hear me during the class?

No - only the teacher can see and hear you. We make sure you keep your privacy during the class.

Can the teacher see and hear me?

Yes - only the teacher can see and hear you during the class but not the other clients.


I have downloaded the iOS App but can't register.

Our iOS App is a subscriber only App. You need to register and buy your credits on the Web and then you can use your App to join a class and connect to your TV.

Allow microphone and camera access in Google Chrome

Strydal needs to access your camera and microphone so the teacher can see and hear you.

1. Click the lock icon on the left side of your address bar. A pop-up will appear with a list of options.
2. On the drop-down list click on the option for 'Microphone' and 'Camera'.
3. Choose the option 'Always allow on this site'.

What can i do if i lose my internet connection during a class?

You can just refresh and join again. You can always enter the live-class again.

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