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Get ready NOW for 2021 and all the students it will bring [marketing plan]

One small daily task for three weeks = half a year’s worth of revenue. Start today!
January 11, 2021
Jamie Beach

Did you know? Over half of your annual revenue as an online teacher can be captured in just three short weeks around the end of the year. Surprising, but true.

The end of December typically marks the time when many people start focusing on their new year resolutions. They start thinking about their priorities for living a healthy, happy life. New beginnings and fresh challenges.

So with that in mind, we’ve put together a simple, effective marketing plan for you to sign up as many new students as possible in this short three-week window.

We’ll start work two weeks earlier (Dec 18th), so that everything’s in place by the time people are ready to sign up. And continue promoting it for one week after launch. This means that every day for a three-week period, we’ll give you a simple, achievable task to do.

The good news is that if you’re willing to put in the work RIGHT NOW, you can secure the majority of the revenue you’ll need for 2021. 

So go ahead and put a red circle around 31st December in your calendar: this is your launch date. And book a spot on our webinar (21.12.20), where we’ll discuss all these ideas and more.

Let’s get started…

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Your three-week plan for 2021 success

During this three-week campaign, we’ll be using a mix of social media, email marketing, special discounts, challenges and more.

For all of your social media activity, ask your friends, family and partners to share your posts and stories. This will help you to reach more people, and sign up more clients.

None of the following tasks will take more than an hour to do – and some of them much less – but please do give yourself an hour each day to do them. Block off an hour each day in your calendar, so that you can work uninterrupted.

Day 1 (18.12)

Create an Instagram Story: “What would you like me to teach online in 2021? I’m interested in hearing about it!” Then add a poll, so people can submit their answers.

Day 2 (19.12) 

Prepare your 2021 annual membership plan on Strydal: check out our guide to creating membership plans that sell (but don’t make them live yet). Give it an appealing name, like ‘Make 2021 Your Fitness Year!’. Read our guide to managing your memberships.

Day 3 (20.12)

Portuguese actress Joana Duarte is one of the many teachers earning online with Strydal

Make sure that your Strydal profile is ready for an influx of new students. Check out our guide to creating an attractive profile.

Day 4 (21.12)

Check out our quick-start guide to make sure that you’ve covered all the basics for teaching online with Strydal.

Day 5 (22.12)

Start looking through your favorite on-demand videos and other content from 2020, ready for tomorrow's task.

Day 6 (23.12)

Create an Instagram Story showing some “behind-the-scenes” content from 2020, for example one of your video shoots or live classes.

Day 7 (24.12)

Create a Christmas-themed discount code for your students (e.g. ‘FESTIVE20’ to give 20% off your existing memberships), which expires in the evening of December 25th: find out how here.

Promote your Christmas-themed discount code on social media; remind people that you’ll be launching your 2021 annual memberships on 31st December.

Christmas Day (25.12)

Take a well-earned rest. Eat turkey. Play board games with family and friends. Fall asleep in front of the TV. Wear a paper hat.

Day 9 (26.12)

Create a new year-themed discount code for your students (e.g. ‘NEWYEAR20’ to give 20% off your existing memberships), which expire in the evening of 31st December: find out how here.

Day 10 (27.12)

Create an Instagram Story or post: “Early Bird Promotion: until the end of the year, I’m offering some early-bird prices,” using the discount code from above.

Day 11 (28.12)

Create an Instagram Story or Post: “What you can expect from my 2021 classes!” Tell your followers how excited you are for the new year, and reply to the comments.

Day 12 (29.12)

Create an Instagram Story or post where you tease about your 2021 annual membership plan: “Exciting news – my 2021 membership plans will go live on 31st December!”

Day 13 (30.12)

If you have an email database, then create and send an email newsletter, announcing that your 2021 membership plan(s) go live tomorrow (31st December) on your Strydal page.

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Launch Day (31.12)

It’s ‘go' time! Activate your 2021 annual membership plan on Strydal, and post on social media that it is now live. Try to respond to every question, comment and like that comes in. Ask friends, family and students to share your news wherever they can.

Day 15 (01.01.21)

Organise (and promote) a January Challenge for your students, for example: “The three students who join the most live classes this month get a free personal training session with me!”

Day 16 (02.01.21)

Consider running some ads on Facebook or Instagram for your 2021 membership plan(s). You don’t need a massive budget, and you can target the exact students you would like to attend your classes.

Many teachers think that online advertising is expensive or difficult – but we honestly believe it’s not that hard, and can really give your online business a boost. It’s also probably cheaper than you think. Find out more here.

Day 17 (03.01.21)

Create an Instagram Story or post sharing your live class schedule for the coming month, and some snippets of your on-demand content. Pick the best bits!

Day 18 (04.01.21)

Organise (and promote) a ‘Bring A Friend’ special: all your students can invite one friend for free sometime in January.

Day 19 (05.01.21)

Book your Strydal Premium Service: book a one-to-one consultation call with us to optimize your profile, using all the knowledge we’ve picked up.

Day 20 (06.01.21)

Ask your existing students to tell you what they think of your classes: the best bits, what they’ve learned, what they’re hoping to achieve in 2021…

Day 21 (07.01.21)

Use the testimonial quotes from above to create an Instagram post, telling the world what people think of your classes. Enjoy the well-deserved support and appreciation you get!

Next steps

Thanks for reading our complete guide to signing up as many students as possible in just three weeks. We hope it helps you start the new year with lots of energy!

Remember to check out Strydal Learn for lots more learning resources:

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