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How free trials help you to drive more clients to your membership plans

How effective are they at converting, on average? We’ve got the answer (short version = “very”), and an explanation
January 26, 2021
Jamie Beach

We often say that free trials are a great way of getting more people to pay for your classes. But do you know what their average conversion rate is?

We’ve crunched the latest numbers to find out how many people (on average) sign up to a paid membership plan on Strydal after their free trial ends. Read on…

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You can add free trials when creating or managing memberships (see above)

To get started, simply click on 'Edit Memberships' after logging into Strydal and add a free trial period to your plans. 

After the free trial period ends, students get charged the membership fee, if they do not cancel. (They provide their payment details when first signing up).

So what’s the benchmark conversion rate for free trial periods on Strydal? It’s currently an impressive 75%.

That’s right – a whopping three-quarters of people who sign up for a free membership trial on Strydal decide to keep paying once the free period is over!

Why are they so effective at converting? Well, what we typically hear from participants is that the membership plan offered more than enough value for them to continue paying.

Proof positive that free trials are one of the best methods for getting more people onto your books! So why not add one today?

… and remember to create some discount codes also.

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