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How to create your Strydal channel

We run through the basics of creating your virtual storefront for students, and look at some examples
January 25, 2021
Strydal Team

Your Strydal channel is your virtual storefront for your current and potential members. So it’s important to spend some time creating an appealing one.

But don't worry, that's what this article is all about! We'll give you some ideas of what to include to connect with your members, and share some examples of what other creators have done.

>>Read our quick-start guide to Strydal [6 steps]<<

Your creator bio

Introduce yourself in a personable, approachable way: describe your teaching background, experience and hobbies. 

Define your focus area and what you offer; describe your typical members, and whom your services are for.

Upload a profile photo

Your profile photo is visible on your public profile and also on your live classes. Pick a photo where your members see your face, and remember: it’s important to get a high-quality image here. 

Size: 500x500 pixels.

Upload a cover picture

Your cover picture is visible on your public channel, above your personal photo, as a much larger "full-width" image.

Many creators choose an action or landscape image, or you can use a more personal "lifestyle" image (as shown in the example above). Again, it’s important to get a high-quality picture to represent your business. 

Size: 1400x650 pixels.

Select your timezone 

Your timezone is automatically selected depending on your device settings. However, you can manually change your timezone if you wish.

IMPORTANT: your members can select their preferred timezone. All live classes are shown in the selected timezone, so you don’t need to worry about converting for local times.

Examples on Strydal

Check out the following channels for some inspiration:

- Annika Isterling

- Lauren Wilkie

- Joana Duarte

- Sophie Schwarz

- Nilton Bala

Next steps

Thanks for reading this guide to creating your channel! We recommend reading our quick-start guide to Strydal [6 steps] for everything you need to know to get going on the platform.

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