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How to find your niche (and why it matters more online)

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to cater to everyone: instead, think deeply about who your ideal member is, and what you want to offer them
February 3, 2021
Jamie Beach

Every day we speak to ambitious health and fitness professionals looking to start earning money on Strydal. One of the first questions we ask them is: “What’s your niche?”

By which we mean, “How are you different from every other creator on the platform?”

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It may seem counterintuitive to narrow your target market by limiting yourself to a specific teaching style or “ideal” student. We get that.

But it actually makes it much easier to promote and sell what you offer. For example, once you’ve decided that you want to teach prenatal yoga to millennials, you’ve got a much better idea of who your target audience is.

Then you can more easily figure out their needs, wishes and goals, and offer them unique and amazing memberships which are more likely to sell.

If you look at the most successful health and fitness teachers, they can (nearly) always explain who their classes are for, what their teaching style is, and the student outcomes they promise.

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The competitive advantage of working your niche

Here’s the thing: when teaching in the “real world”, you’ve got one key limiting factor: geographical distance. When teaching online however, you’re potentially competing with anyone, anywhere in the world.

So don’t fall into the trap of trying to cater to “everyone” – this is the classic mistake people make when moving into teaching online, and it almost never works.

By trying to cater to everyone, your memberships won’t stand out from the crowd, and you’ll struggle to form a genuine connection with your members.

What’s the answer? Differentiation. This might be a specialism that only you can offer ('Dog Yoga on Rooftops'!) or – even better – it will be arrived at by thinking deeply about what your ideal member looks like, and how you can serve them best.

What’s more, knowing your ideal member will be useful if you decide to start advertising on Instagram or Facebook. These platforms enable you to target people by age, location, interests and more – and you’ll have a head start if you already know these things.

So… who are you most passionate about teaching, and what do you want to teach them?

How to find your niche: a process

Set aside an hour of uninterrupted thinking time TODAY to consider: your ideal member’s level of ability, their passions and goals, their challenges and frustrations. Their personal journey. 

What are you most passionate about teaching, and helping people with? Where do you feel you can make the biggest impact in people’s lives? Who do you enjoy teaching most?

Cast your mind back to the teacher training you did: what did you enjoy learning about the most? And do you enjoy teaching it now?

You might find it helpful to map out some of these ideas with a pen and paper, or spend some time journaling. Talk to some of your students about which bits of your classes they like best.

Or you could run an online survey of your students and social media followers. Tools like SurveyMonkey and Google Forms make it easy to do this: simply create the survey and share the link. You could potentially use positive feedback as testimonials too.

You could create an Instagram Poll for quick and easy feedback on a question like, “What type of yoga do you like best?”, or “What is your main fitness goal for 2021?”

Another idea to get you started is to brainstorm all the things in life that you enjoy, and all the things that you’re good at. This could include outside hobbies and interests. Where is there overlap? And how could you incorporate this?

This is a self-discovery process that doesn’t really have a finish, as it requires using your intuition to answer the question, “What kind of teacher am I?” And of course, the answer will change over time as your interests and beliefs change.

Don’t worry too much about making it perfect before you start creating memberships: this is really a case of “building the plane as you fly”. You can course correct as you go, the important thing is to get started.

What happens when you find your niche

So how will you know when you’ve found the right niche for you?

When you look forward to the work. When you feel fulfilled and optimistic, and full of new ideas for making it even better.

When your members see real progress, and they love your memberships so much that they tell all their friends about you.

When you have as much work as you can handle, and you’re not worrying about how to fill places in your online classes any more. The stress factor has disappeared.

This can all be accomplished. By doing just one hour of thinking time, we guarantee you’ll be ahead of 80% of the pack when it comes to teaching online. And results will naturally follow.

>>Quick-start guide to Strydal<<
>>14 inspiring creators on Strydal<<
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