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How to frame video shoots when teaching online

We explain the best angles to use, how to position your camera, and why you should avoid mirrors
December 22, 2020
Strydal Team

The correct framing and composition of your video shoots is super-important. The more care you take with your framing, the happier you’ll be with the results.

That's why we recommend that you experiment until you find the optimum angle. Make sure your students can see your full body while you teach. If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, it’s best to place it horizontally.

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Test your lowest and highest points by standing in the shot. If you raise your hands during your routine make sure you get the highest point framed. Same with side-to-side. Make sure your arms and legs are in the frame when stretched out. If you don't have someone to see your screen, record a test for yourself.

If you’re using a smartphone then get a tripod like this one. If you’re using a webcam then set the computer on a chair or table. Depending on your space and the camera, place it about 3 meters from you, at eye height (experiment here for best results).

Place your mat either perpendicular or parallel to the camera plane, depending on your routine and which way you face the majority of the time. Center your mat.

Make sure the camera is as level as possible: many smartphones feature a levelling tool (if using a iPhone, you can enable this feature like this).

And finally, a word of warning: avoid having mirrors in the frame: these can be distracting for viewers, as they'll cause unwanted reflections.

>>Read our complete guide to creating videos for Strydal<<

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