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How to get your first 5 paying members [complete guide]

Try these simple ideas, launch strategies and best practices to secure a successful start
January 25, 2021
Strydal Team

Once your creator channel is set up on Strydal, you’re probably thinking about finding your first paying members. Which is exactly what this guide is all about!

We’ll give you eight ideas, with advice on how to promote your channel, invite people to join it, and use proven digital marketing techniques to attract more members.

FYI some of these ideas are quick and easy, and some of them require a little more time and planning.

Let’s dive in.

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How to find your first paying members on Strydal [8 ideas]

1. Offer memberships with a trial period

You’ve probably seen trial memberships offered by other teachers online, and there’s a good reason for this: when it comes to signing up new members, they work!

Letting your customers try one of your memberships before committing is a good way for you to get into a regular routine of teaching online. 

It also helps potential members ensure that your teaching style is a good fit for them.

2. Offer your first live classes for free

If you don’t want to offer free trial periods, you could try something even simpler, and teach your first few classes without cost. No memberships needed.

This is a great way to get people to sign up for your classes, and then convert them to paying members once you’ve shown them how good you are.

3. Update your Instagram profile 📸

Do you have an Instagram account already? Great! Start using it to pull in new students via your Instagram profile bio.

For example: “Become part of my online community – weekly live classes, unlimited on-demand videos and members-only benefits.”

And then add a link to your Strydal channel: a great free tool to add more links to your Instagram profile is Linktree.

4. Publish your Strydal channel on other social media platforms

Of course, Instagram isn’t the only social media network out there. Not by a long stretch! 

Other ones worth considering are Facebook, YouTube and TikTok – you can add the link to your Strydal channel on each of these platforms too. You might even find more members there.

5. Make your new digital business a core part of your website

It’s going to be where you do all your teaching, so make your Strydal channel a core part of your existing website!

Add a new section or button on your website, or a new option in the navigation bar (for example, 'Online Classes' or 'Online Membership') and link to your Strydal channel.

6. Send an exclusive newsletter

Do you have a list of email addresses, and permission to contact them? That’s fantastic! Newsletters are arguably the most effective online marketing channel out there.

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So create a stylish, compelling newsletter with plenty of reader value: give them news, advice and inspiration. Give them offers, images and insights. Tell them about what it’s like to be a creator. Share a moving story or quote. Be human, friendly and consistent.

7. Invite your friends and family 

Time and again, we see that it takes a bit of encouragement to start feeling “comfortable” teaching online. And who better to give you a little help than your friends and family?

Invite them to join your classes for free – and ask them to share your online classes with their networks. 

Once you’ve got a few live classes under your belt, you’ll feel that much more confident to start selling them to strangers!

8. Craft a social media launch strategy

OK, this last one is a little more “involved”. But it also delivers big rewards, if you dedicate some time and thought to it. And that’s doable, right?

Start by defining a social media plan where you post every day about your new online business. Then respond to the comments you get, follow back, and share, share, share.

Here’s an example of a 7-day 'social media launch plan':

Day 1: Instagram Story: “Exciting news – I will launch my own online business soon.”

Day 2: Instagram Story: “Here is some 'behind-the-scenes' content of my upcoming online business”.

Day 3: Instagram Story: “What would you like me to do online? What would help you in your own yoga practice? I‘m interested to know what you want!”

Day 4: Instagram Story + Post: “What you can expect from my new online service.”

Day 5: Instagram Story + Post: “Special Offer: Until the end of the week I’ll offer some early-bird memberships.” (We can help you set these up.)

Day 6: Instagram Story + Post: “Launching tomorrow – book your first classes now.”

Day 7: Instagram Story + Post: “Launch Day! Sign up today and you’ll get my early-bird memberships.”

REMEMBER to ask friends and family to share your posts/stories whenever they can. A little help goes a long way at this stage! And tag @strydal so we can repost.

Optimizing for success [best practices]

OK, now that we’ve run through some specific ideas of what you can do to attract more customers, let’s look at ways of optimizing them for success.

Turn your members into your evangelists

Once you’ve built up a base of members, some of them will inevitably become your champions for what you do. Your evangelists.

Encourage them to spread the word for you, by sharing your Instagram posts, forwarding your newsletters, and generally telling everyone how awesome you are.

In return, you can give discounts or exclusive benefits if they bring new members (for example, personal training for free, or cheaper memberships). Find out more.

Be consistent (and reliable)

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss the occasional update. But consistent effort brings real rewards

It’s just as true in business as it is elsewhere in life: the gains come from being consistent. Turning up. Even when you don’t feel like it.

So try to regularly upload new videos (at least once a week), schedule new classes, post to social media. Write that amazing newsletter, launch a quick promotion. Hustle.

Of course, don’t beat yourself up about it if you miss the occasional update. We’re only human, after all. But consistent effort brings real rewards.

Make your communication personal

Members want to have the feeling when they sign up for your membership that they’re connecting with a real human, and not a random digital yoga app.

So be friendly, use their name if possible (most newsletter platforms let you do this automatically), and try to connect one-on-one as soon as possible. The Strydal Chat is a good place to do this.

Combine all your digital offerings on your Strydal account

You only need to have one channel to promote – it's always the same link

By which we mean – put all your videos and live classes in one place. Your Strydal channel.

This makes it much easier for you (and for your clients) in terms of marketing. You only need to have one channel to promote – it's always the same link.

Use live classes to promote what you do

While we don’t recommend that you go overboard, we do think that it’s worth regularly telling your students about what else you offer.

Use the beginning and end of live-classes to promote your memberships and your upcoming live-classes and new on-demand videos coming soon.

Make your communication to clients precise and clear

It’s important that consumers know what they can expect from your membership. Here’s a template you can try: 

“Get unlimited access to my weekly live-classes (min. 2x a week), unlimited access to my on-demand videos (min. 1x fresh new videos weekly), a monthly members-only newsletter and 20% discount on all my retreats.”

Read our complete guide to creating membership plans that sell for more inspiration.

Thanks for reading our guide to finding your first five paying members! We hope it’s been helpful. Want to learn more? Then check out the following:

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