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How to manage your Strydal memberships

These are the main way you'll generate a recurring income on Strydal. We explain how to set them up…
January 25, 2021
Strydal Team

Memberships are the main way to generate a recurring income on Strydal. Keep in mind that once a member buys, they'll be given access to your entire channel.

This article is designed to be an overview of how Strydal memberships work, how to price them, and other practical steps to getting set up.

If you want more examples and inspiration, then check out our complete guide to creating membership plans.

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How do memberships work? 

You can create either one, two or a maximum of three different active memberships at any one time.

However, you can also create more inactive memberships, which are not visible on your public channel. These give you the option to activate and deactivate memberships according to your current requirements, the time of year etc.

It's worth noting that you can only offer drop-in prices for live classes – these cannot be offered for anything else.

Regarding cancellations, members can cancel their memberships from month to month via their login page.

How should I price my memberships?

Incentivize monthly membership subscriptions by adding a drop-in price for single classes

The price of your memberships needs to reflect how often you teach live classes, how often you upload on demand videos and what other benefits you offer. 

Try to incentivize monthly membership subscriptions by adding a drop-in price just under your 1 month subscription (see above). A good rule of thumb for pricing these is to charge 50% or more of the price for a monthly membership.

Remember that members might not be willing to pay the same price they would when going to a physical studio – studios have extra costs such as rent, electricity, cleaning staff etc.

And keep in mind the benefits of teaching online and offering on-demand classes: you can reach more members at a more attainable price.

What should I include in my membership description?

Try to be clear and precise on what members get for their membership. Specify how often you teach live classes, upload on-demand videos etc.

Membership types (2)

You can choose between two types of memberships:

Time-based memberships

A good rule of thumb here is to offer a 25% discount for 3-month plans, and a 50% discount on 12-month plans.

You can choose the duration of your plans from 1 month to ‘unlimited’ months – we recommend not more than 12 months, however.

Membership tiers

All membership plans have unlimited access to live-classes & on-demand content.

Interesting perks could be: a private Facebook group; a members-only email newsletter; discounts on retreats; private training sessions.

How do I alter memberships?

Step 1: On your Account page, click on the 'Memberships' tab.

Step 2: Click on the pencil image next to the title of your membership, and alter the name or description as required. You cannot alter prices once a membership has been created.

Step 3: Once completed, choose to have the selected membership as 'Not Active' or 'Active', and remember to save once you have completed the action.

How do I add more memberships?  

Example of account with inactive memberships

You can only have three memberships set to Active at one time. To add a new membership, you need to deactivate one first, then click the "Create New" button and fill in the required fields.

>>Read our quick-start guide to Strydal [6 steps]<<

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