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How to make your first €500 by teaching online [7-step guide]

From defining your audience to beta launch and social promotion, we walk you through what’s needed
January 25, 2021
Strydal Team

Many creators have asked us how to generate their first revenue teaching online with Strydal. You’d be surprised to know how many creators are in the same boat: unsure if their services are good enough for clients to pay, and where to find new members.

While there’s no single road to success, we’ve gathered the most crucial elements from industry experts, to guide you in the first steps of your online business. By following along, you’ll maximize your chances of earning hundreds to thousands in monthly revenue by teaching online.

This step-by-step guide was put together specifically for fitness professionals to earn their first €500 online – it’s easier than you think. Follow the steps below and get started on your road to success today.

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Summary: a 7-step guide to earning €500 on Strydal

1. Define your target audience

2. Create a unique offering for your target audience

3. Beta launch (test classes)

4. Launch phase

5. Give paid adverts a try on Instagram, Facebook or Google

6. Keep your promise and deliver the services what you sold

7. Ongoing improvements after launch

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How to teach online: our complete guide

1. Define your target audience

When we ask our creators “who are your members?”, we often hear: “I’m a yoga/fitness teacher, so anyone who is interested in my classes is my target audience.”

While it’s true that yoga and fitness is good for everyone, it’s crucial for you (and also for your clients) to identify a specific target audience.

Only when you know who your members are (and who they’re not) can you customize your service for this specific audience, and maximise the chances that the right people find you, that you advertise to the right people, and that your members love your services.

Great criteria on which you can define your target clients include demographics (location, language, age, gender etc), psychographics (personalities, hobbies, lifestyle and interests), and goals or motivations.

Why is a clear target audience even more crucial for an online business compared to offline classes? If you’re teaching offline in a studio or park then it makes sense to broaden your target audience as your audience is physically limited to your area.

But the beauty of a digital business is that you can reach and teach people from around the world – so your potential target audience is exponentially larger.

Here are a few concrete examples of how you can define your target audience:

  • Millennials who crave healthy fitness routines
  • Pregnant women
  • Working-from-home professionals
  • Yoga for new moms and babies
  • Weight loss for vegans
  • Strength training for men over 50
  • Mental health for young moms
  • Breathwork for business professionals
  • Meditation for elite athletes

2. Create a unique offering for your target audience

After you’ve successfully defined your target audience, you now know what they’re looking for and how you can serve their needs. It’s really powerful if you address their needs and specific goals.

For example, if your target audience is overweight then you can address their goal to lose weight. If your focus is on pregnant women then your service should be all about feeling good before and after birth.

We frequently see that most people are attracted to a combination of live classes, on-demand videos, and personal communication with the creator.

So here’s an example of what one of your membership plans could look like:

'Create A Healthy Lifestyle' membership plan

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Here are some more tips for creating an appealing service:

3. Beta launch (test classes), collect feedback & optimize your offer

Before you do a big launch, it’s beneficial to do a small “beta launch” and get first feedback from your friends and carefully-selected clients. Give them a discount, or even offer some classes for free.

This allows you to experiment with the new platform, maybe test out different equipment, and also try different teaching styles. Always ask for honest feedback from your members.

Once you’ve run a few test classes, you’ll discover how the platform works, how clients like your live classes, and what kind of communication they most appreciate from you.

Use their feedback to improve your service and get more experience on Strydal, and then launch with confidence to the rest of your members.

4. Launch your digital business

You are finally ready to launch your own digital business – this is the day you’ve been waiting for! Now it’s all about sharing the news and letting your target audience know about your amazing service.

By following the steps below, you’ll greatly increase your chances of generating up to €500 in revenue in the first week.

Launch with an Early Bird Promotion (limited to x people/date)

People love promotions and discounts. Celebrate your launch by offering a limited-time special discount to your first members. There are two ways you can give your early members an advantage:

  • Create a new membership called ‘Early Bird’ with a cheaper price. After the early-bird period is over, deactivate the membership so no more people can get the cheaper membership.
  • Offer discount codes for the ‘normal’ memberships – just let us know what kind of discount you want to offer and we’ll create a coupon code for you. Activate now

Invite your friends & family

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the obvious steps – invite your friends and family to try out your services on Strydal. Maybe even ask them to share the news about your new business.

If a few family members and friends join you on Strydal, you’ll have overcome one of the hardest obstacles in creating your own business: getting your first members, and generating your first revenue.

Update your social media profiles and share the link to your Strydal profile

Social media is a great way for clients to stay in touch with you, and to discover new teachers. So make sure that your Strydal profile is on all your social media accounts.

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If you have your own website, make sure that visitors to your website can find your new offering quickly and easily.

Send an exclusive newsletter

Do you already have your own newsletter? Great! Send an exclusive newsletter to your subscribers and let them know about your news.

And don’t forget to have a clear call-to-action (e.g. promote your early-bird memberships, or share a specific class), so you can convert your readers into subscribers effectively.

>>Email newsletters: everything you need to know to launch<<

Commit to a 7-day social media posting schedule

Instagram is an amazing platform to communicate with lots of people at the same time. We’ve collected some test practices from successful launches, and created a highly effective 7-day social media/Instagram posting plan, ready for you to try out.

During these seven days, you’ll be posting every day and talking about your new offering. For all of your social media, ask your friends, family and partners to share your posts and stories. This will help you to reach more people, and sign up more clients.

DAY 1 (pre-launch): Instagram story where you tease about something great coming up: “Exciting news – I’ll launch my own online business soon!”

DAY 2 (pre-launch): Instagram Story showing some “behind-the-scenes” content, for example one of your video shoots or live classes.

DAY 3 (pre-launch): Instagram Story, “What would you like me to do online? I’m interested in hearing about it!” Then add a poll, so people can submit their answers.

DAY 4 (launch day): Instagram Story + Post: “What you can expect from my new online service.”

DAY 5 (post-launch): Instagram Story + Post: “Early Bird Promotion: until the end of the week, I’m offering some early-bird prices.”

DAY 6 (post-launch): Instagram Story + Post sharing your live class schedule, and some snippets of your on-demand content.

DAY 7 (post-launch): Instagram Story + Post sharing some quotes (testimonials) from your beta launch clients.

Post your offering in 5 or more Facebook groups

There are loads of Facebook groups with thousands of members for every kind of sport, fitness and yoga. Use them as a quick way to tell people you don’t know about your offering.

Use partnerships and cross-promotion to reach more people

A great way to reach more people is to have strategic partnerships or do some cross-promotions. Have you ever thought about a partnership with other teachers, coaches or real-world studios – maybe even professionals from other verticals or industries who target the same audience (like doctors, wellness practitioners and physiotherapists)?

This is a great method, and it’s free. So for example, if you’re a yoga teacher, think about partnerships with physiotherapists or wellness practitioners, or with fitness trainers who don’t offer yoga. It’s a great way to refer to each other and grow your member base.

Influencers or bloggers/YouTubers with a big audience can also help you to spread the word – offer them a free membership in exchange for some promotions.

Yoga teacher checking her computer

5. Try out paid adverts on Instagram, Facebook or Google

Most teachers think that online marketing is expensive or difficult to do – but we honestly believe it’s not that hard, and can really give your online business a boost. It’s also probably cheaper than you think. Find out more here.

The beauty of Google, Facebook and Instagram is that they allow you to target ads specifically to your target audience (which you defined earlier). You can easily target a specific geographical location and/or additional interest-based customisation.

6. Keep your promises and deliver the services you promised

Even if you now have an online business, always remind yourself that you’re offering a service to your members, from one person to another. It’s the service which makes your offering unique and worth paying for – don’t forget that there’s a lot of good content to be found online and completely for free.

What your members can’t find for free elsewhere is the personal attention that you dedicate to them. So make sure you focus on their individual needs, and ensure that you always deliver the services you promised.

Apart from giving your members as much personal attention as you can (during the classes but also before/after via chat), here are some things you should take care of and always optimize:

  • Make sure that you have good technology in place, and you’re familiar with it
  • Ensure that your teaching location looks professional and attractive – more info here
  • Check that your videos have good quality, with proper light and audio – more info here

A great way to get useful feedback is to regularly ask your members – there’s always room for improvement!

7. Improvements after launch

Once you have your first couple of members/clients joining your live classes, ask them for a quote (testimonial) that you can share online and on social media, to show how happy your customers are.

Next, ask your paying members to bring a friend to the next class. A great option is to offer a free class once a month (or even once a week), where friends of your clients can try out your classes.

It’s important that you follow up with the new joiners after the class and try to convert them into paying members. The Strydal Chat is a great tool to do this.

Invest in online marketing and partnerships

So you saw that your first paid marketing campaign is promising – great! What now? Well, that’s a strong indicator that your service is appealing, so now’s the time for you to scale up and attract more members.

You could learn more about online marketing via one of the learning platforms like Udemy, or you could invest in an online marketing freelancer who can set up further campaigns for you. And the same is true for partnerships and cross-promotion too.

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Thanks for reading our guide to earning your first €500 teaching online with Strydal! We’re excited to have you join our community.

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