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How to create the best membership plans to build your business

Discover effective examples that are proven to sell online, and the reasons why it's important to find your teaching niche
January 22, 2021
Jamie Beach

The Strydal Team has created this guide to help you understand how to build the best memberships for your online clients – so your channel can thrive in these uncertain times.

We’ll give plenty of suggestions to get you thinking about the different kinds of membership options you can put together. Once you see some examples, we’re sure you’ll come up with plenty of your own ideas!

So follow along, get inspired and find out why certain memberships sell better than others, generate more revenue and make your members happier in the long run.

And remember that nothing’s set in stone – you can adapt your memberships as you learn what people want online, and what you can offer them. You might be surprised by what sells best!

The importance of finding your niche when teaching online

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to cater to “everyone”

To build a successful business teaching online, it’s key to find a niche and a specific target market. You should get to know the needs, wishes and goals of these members, and understand them deeply. Then offer them unique and amazing memberships which address these needs, wishes and goals.

Here’s the thing: when teaching in the “real world”, you’ve got one key limiting factor: geographical distance. When teaching online however, you’re potentially competing with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Likewise, don’t fall into the trap of trying to cater to “everyone” – this is the classic mistake people make when moving into teaching online, and it almost never works.

By trying to cater to everyone, your memberships won’t stand out from the crowd, and you’ll struggle to form a genuine connection with your members.

What’s the answer? Differentiation. This might be a specialism that only you can offer (Dog Yoga on Rooftops!) or – even better – it will be arrived at by thinking deeply about what your ideal member looks like, and how you can serve them best. Who and what are you most passionate about teaching?

Set aside an hour of uninterrupted thinking time TODAY to consider: your ideal member level of ability, their passions and goals, their challenges and frustrations. Their personal journey. Then imagine what they look like, and their smiles at the end of one of your classes. And deliver those smiles, for real.

By doing just one hour of thinking time, we guarantee you’ll be ahead of 80% of the pack when it comes to teaching online. And results will naturally follow once you offer compelling membership plans for these ideal member. Read on to find out how...

The areas where it’s tough to compete online

Most creators will struggle to offer the cheapest option on the market

We’re lucky enough to have conversations every day with creators about how they can compete against the dominant players in the online fitness/yoga industry – companies like Peloton, Alo Moves, Glo and Freeletics.

The answer seems to be quite clear: you cannot compete with these platforms on the variety of classes and videos; nor can you compete on the pure quality of video production; and (most probably) nor can you offer the cheapest option on the market, because a human is involved in delivering a real service.

Another dimension where most creators will struggle to compete is the enrichment of home training experiences by deploying expensive hardware and making it something special, unique or cool (think Peloton, Mirror, etc).

The good news though is that there is one area where you can definitely compete against these dominant players – and win. Read on...

The #1 angle where you can compete online

The "human, personalized" approach is the most realistic way for creators to succeed online

However, the dimension where you can definitely compete and offer something superior to these companies is the enrichment of a learning experience through a real human service. Offer a real teaching and coaching service to your members, foster one-to-one connections and get to know them.

This is obviously not the only way to make money teaching – with persistence and skilful execution you can also become successful by following one of the other approaches – but the “human, personalized” approach is the most realistic way for most creators to become successful online. We see over and over again that it works!

Before sharing some concrete examples of memberships, here are some elements to consider when building the memberships that your clients might find appealing:

  • Group live classes
  • A growing library of new on-demand videos every month
  • Private training sessions
  • Monthly masterclasses, workshops or Q&A sessions
  • Private chats with members for questions, suggestions, tips & more
  • Members-only content like monthly newsletters, recipes, nutrition tips, video recommendations, training plans etc
  • Discounts on physical products like mats, oils, gear etc
  • Access (or discounts) to physical events like retreats and workshops

Also, remember to offer discount codes and free trial periods to your members – we find that these are typically very popular. You can find out how to do so in our Help Center.

Some sample memberships to get inspired by

Only offer what you can realistically deliver 100%

Here are some examples of memberships to get inspired by – we find that these specific benefits and pricing work well, so feel free to copy them if you wish.

But remember – be kind to yourself! Only offer what you can realistically deliver 100%. "Under-promise and over-deliver," to keep your members coming back for more.

Get Relaxed

Get Relaxed Membership - This one's for all you stressed-out business people

Feeling Good During Pregnancy

Feeling good during pregnancy - here's my plan for all you expectant mothers

Improve Your Mobility

Improve your mobility - this is my package for all you men out there who want to get ahead of the game

Sixpack in 3 Month

Sixpack in 3 months - For everyone who whats to build a stomach they can be proud of.

Create A Healthy Lifestyle

create a healthy lifestyle - this one's for all you millennials looking to set yourselves up for success

We hope you found this information useful, and can’t wait to see what creative membership plans you decide to offer your members on Strydal!

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