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Online surveys and polls: all you need to know [+ 5 free tools]

Here’s why every creator should try them at least once, which platforms we recommend, and what to ask your members
March 10, 2021
Jamie Beach

We often suggest that creators consider running an online survey or poll, to find out what their target audience actually wants and needs.

Asking for feedback like this helps keep your finger on the pulse. It also means that your members feel more involved in the creation process, and ultimately more engaged.

But how do you do this? What free online tools would we recommend, and what questions should you be asking? Lastly, how can you use the results?

Let’s take a look.

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What should you be asking your members?

First, let’s talk about what you should be asking, and why…

Any successful business is built on a good understanding of its customers. What they want and need, what they like and dislike, and so on. This helps you to enhance the good and fix the bad.

And a big advantage of running online polls/surveys rather than asking people directly (although that’s also good) is that this way you can collect lots of responses quickly.

Plus, people might feel more comfortable giving feedback in an online survey that they wouldn’t want to say directly. (It’s totally possible to make online survey responses anonymous, by the way).

If you create the survey or poll on social media then you’ve already got the distribution you need. Just ask your followers to take part!

If you use a tool like SurveyMonkey or TypeForm, you’ll want to share the link on social media and your newsletter, or embed it in your website perhaps.

Here are some common questions you might like to consider asking your current (and potential) paying members:

  • What's your biggest fitness and wellbeing challenge?
  • What times/weekdays do you prefer for class?
  • What do you like about my classes?
  • Is there anything I could do better?
  • What other benefits do you want out of a membership?
  • Do you participate in any other fitness classes?
  • What other types of classes would you like me to offer?

Gathering answers to these and other questions will give you a much better idea of how to keep your members happy, and ensure they come back for more!

So look carefully through the answers you’ve gathered (remember to thank people for taking part when creating the survey), and be sure to read the feedback with an open mind.

OK, now let’s look at some of the different ways to poll your members with free online tools.


One of the best-known online polling tools out there is SurveyMonkey. It has a clean user interface and some powerful features, across both free and paid plans.

The free plan lets you create an unlimited number of surveys (10 questions per survey), and collect 40 responses per survey. Note however that it isn't possible to embed surveys on your website with the free plan – you only get a URL link to share.

It also includes their Survey Builder, which includes question templates such as text entry, multiple choice and so on, plus video and image questions, and a progress bar. 

Finally, it’s also possible to password-protect your surveys, if you don’t want to share it with the whole world, and would rather ensure that only your members can access it.

Google Forms

Free! Pretty! Easy to understand! These are just some of the reasons why you might use a Google Form.

And if you’ve already got a Google or Gmail account, it couldn’t be simpler. Just go to Google Forms and start creating.

As with all of these form builders, you can choose from multiple question formats, including text entry, multiple choice, dates, times and more.

Plus once you’ve uploaded your own photo or logo, the form builder will automatically suggest some colors that work well with it, or you can choose from one of the custom templates.

Once you’re finished, you can get a shareable link to promote on social media and newsletters, or embed the form itself in your website. And the answers can be sent to a Google Sheet if you wish.


A popular alternative to SurveyMonkey is TypeForm. It has a similar pricing scheme, with a free plan that should be more than enough for most creators just starting out.

The free plan includes three surveys with 10 questions per survey, and 100 responses per month.

You get dozens of beautifully-made templates to start creating straight away, plus email notifications whenever someone completes your TypeForm, and the option to download your data as a spreadsheet.

Instagram Polls

(Credit: Instagram / @ines.debraganca / @davjonesyoga / @laviajerazen)

If you’re a fitness & wellbeing creator, then you’re probably already on Instagram. And chances are, the Gram is also where many of your existing and future customers are too.

So, using Instagram Polls sounds like a no-brainer, right?

Well… It is, if you only want to run a very simple poll, asking for people to vote on a fixed selection of answers. They’re less good if you want to run a multiple-choice survey, for example.

To create an Instagram Poll, you need to create a Story, then click the sticker icon (top-right) and choose ‘Poll’. Type in the question and possible responses, and you’re good to go.

For a complete guide to running these, check out Hubspot’s guide to Instagram Polls.

Facebook Polls

With nearly a third of the planet now on Facebook, there’s a strong chance your members are too.

If you have lots of connections there and want to set up a poll, you’ve got a number of options.

Currently, you cannot post polls to your timeline. Your options are to post it to a Facebook Group (if you have one), or an event, or a story, or Messenger.

For a detailed explainer of each of these options, head to Neil Patel’s guide to Facebook Polls.

>>Quick-start guide to Strydal [6 steps]<<
>>Yoga music: how to get it for free<<
>>Our top creators share their advice for thriving on Strydal<<

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