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How to promote your memberships with free trials and discount codes

Whether it’s a special promotion, VIP passes or a blogger freebie, this how how you do it
January 20, 2021
Strydal Team

Discounts and freebies: everybody loves them. So why not offer some no-cost trials and low-cost options for your membership plans?

They’ll help you drum up fresh students (particularly those looking for a healthy New Year regime), enrol your friends and family more easily, and let people try out your classes before they commit.

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Discount codes and free trials can also be very effective at garnering the attention of influential bloggers and influencers: offer them a few free classes to (hopefully) receive extra publicity and awareness.

It’s possible for you to enable free trial periods yourself – but at present discount codes have to be requested from the Strydal team (don’t worry, we’ll process your request quickly).

Free trial periods

Add a 7-day or 14-day free trial period to your memberships. This will give new students the chance to take a live class or watch an on-demand video with a lower hurdle to commitment.

Keep in mind that some people like to have a sneak peek of what they are going to get before committing to a full month membership.

Wondering how effective they actually are at converting to paid clients? We've got the answer.

You can add the free trial to any of your subscriptions easily! Select the subscription in your Strydal account, click on the pencil icon in order to edit the details (see screenshot above), and then use the toggle to enable the membership trial. 

Discount codes

Promote your business with discount codes that can be redeemed for your memberships. 

Create several codes for all your different initiatives. You can get really creative! Here are some ideas:

  • Launch with an 'Early Bird Special’ – for example, everyone who signs up by the end of the month or within the next 14 days gets a discount on the membership
  • Discount codes for special promotions and  giveaways on Instagram
  • Offer discounts for students who subscribe in the next 24 hours, or for your first 5 new members.
  • Reward your students for referring their friends to you. For instance, give them a 20% discount code.
  • Give your VIPs, family members or an influential blogger a discount

There are many options, these are just a few – the only limit is your imagination!

Please fill in this form and the Strydal Team will set up your promotion code.

>>Quick-start guide to Strydal<<
>>How to get your first 5 paying customers<<

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