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Quick-start guide to Strydal: create a profile, host a live class & more [6 steps]

Got no time to lose? This quick-start guide is designed to get you up and running as fast as possible
January 25, 2021
Jamie Beach

Want to start teaching online and earning money with Strydal, as fast as possible? Then you’ve come to the right place! This quick-start guide is designed to get you up and running as fast as possible. Read on…

There are six separate sections in this guide: each section contains a summary of what you need to know, and a link out to a separate article where you can learn more about the topic. We recommend reading each article.

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Step 1: Create your Strydal channel

Portuguese actress Joana Duarte is one of many teachers earning money online with Strydal

Your Strydal channel is your virtual storefront for your students and future students. So it’s important to make sure you have an appealing profile. 

Introduce yourself in a personable, approachable way: describe your teaching background, experience and hobbies. Define your focus area and what you offer; describe your typical students, and whom your services are for.

Upload a high-quality profile picture (showing your face) as well as a cover picture which accurately represents your business.

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Step 2: Upload your first videos

You can upload videos in two different ways: via your computer web-based browser, or on the Strydal iOS app, using your iPhone or iPad.  

Important: videos cannot be larger than 10GB. Strydal accepts any file format. We transcode to either 1080p or 540p, and keep the source framerate.

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Step 3: Create your first live classes

Once you’ve created your Strydal channel and uploaded some on-demand videos, it’s time to create your first live class! 

These will be the mainstay of your memberships, where you’ll earn the majority of your recurring income. So it makes sense to focus on delivering the best possible experience for your members.

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Step 4: Manage your memberships

Memberships are the main way to generate a recurring income on Strydal. Keep in mind that once a student buys a membership from you, they’ll be given access to your entire channel. 

The price of your memberships needs to reflect how often you are teaching live classes, how often you upload on-demand videos, and any other benefits you offer.

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Step 5: Promote your memberships

By now, you’re probably thinking about how to find your first paying members. Which is exactly what this section is all about!

Here are eight ideas for you to try – some of them are quick and easy, and some of them require a little more time and planning.

  1. Offer memberships with a free trial period
  2. Offer your first live classes for free
  3. Update your Instagram profile 📸
  4. Publish your Strydal channel on other social media platforms
  5. Make your new digital business a core part of your website
  6. Send an exclusive newsletter
  7. Invite your friends and family 
  8. Craft a social media launch strategy

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Lesson 6: Set up payments on Stripe

You can start selling on Strydal straight away, even before connecting Stripe

Once you’ve started delivering your first classes on Strydal, it's time to make sure you’ll get paid. In order to obtain your monthly payouts, you need to connect your teacher profile to Stripe.

You can start selling on Strydal straight away, even before connecting Stripe. It's necessary to have a Stripe account connected in order to receive your first payout – but in the meantime your clients can already buy and we'll hold the funds.

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