14 inspiring creators using Strydal to build an online business

From pilates to yoga, dance to ELDOA, there’s a wealth of global talent out there
January 25, 2021
Jamie Beach

We’re honored that so many talented, creative health and wellbeing teachers around the world choose Strydal to build their online business. 

Every day, hundreds of classes are being taught, videos uploaded and vital incomes created, across many disciplines: yoga, fitness, pilates, dance, meditation and more.

The past 12 months have brought many disruptions to everyday life, yet instructors and their students have risen magnificently to the challenge of maintaining healthy habits during lockdown.

Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic creators currently active on our platform…

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The ancient practice of yoga has won many new fans during the current turbulent times. Combining physical, mental and spiritual disciplines, it is many things to many people.

It offers a balm for modern living: for home office workers with stiff backs, for stressed-out parents and anxious adults of all stripes. For cooped-up kids with lots of energy and no novel outlets. For dogs, even.

Yet it’s also an amazing resource for sportspeople of all ages, and those struggling with flexibility issues in later life. The fantastic classes offered by our creators reflect the broad appeal of this millenia-old tradition, and the benefits it brings.

>>Amazing yoga creators using Strydal to build an online business<<

Joana Duarte

This Portuguese actress has starred in some of her country’s most popular TV shows, and has attracted a huge following on Instagram. She also offers private yoga classes on Strydal.

Specialising in vinyasa flow, yin yoga and breathing techniques, Joana gives classes in both English and Portuguese, and posts new videos each week.

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Annika Isterling

A beautiful channel and a wide range of classes including yoga, meditation, breathwork and fitness: it’s not hard to see why Annika’s memberships are so popular.

All plans have a 7-day free trial available, and prices start at €20 per month for 4x live classes, unlimited access to her on-demand video library, and an exclusive email newsletter.

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Lauren Wilkie

London-based yoga teacher Lauren was one of the very first people to use Strydal. In fact, it was a chance meeting at a yoga retreat with one of our company founders that led her to start using the platform, as we covered in a recent case study.

She’s a certified 500-hour yoga and Level-3 Mat Pilates teacher, with specialist training in pregnancy yoga, women’s yoga, yin yoga and yoga nidra. She aims to keep classes accessible and inclusive, focused but fun. 7-day free trials available, prices start at €29 per month.

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Sophie Schwarz

This Berlin-based yoga teacher quickly found success on the Strydal platform, by combining a clear vision with authenticity and hard work. Sophie offers a “safe space” with self-acceptance as a core principle, and weekly live classes.

We recently spoke to her to create a case study that covers her background, teaching style and lots more. We came away super-impressed by her modest style and commitment to showing up consistently for her students.

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This physical fitness system was created by German gymnast Joseph Pilates. It focuses on muscle control, but promises many benefits, including increased stamina, strength, focus, flow and postural alignment.

There are estimated to be more than 14,000 Pilates instructors in the USA alone, and millions more students worldwide. Here’s a sample of the Pilates teachers to be found on Strydal…

Claudia Blommers

Her down-to-earth, friendly teaching style has won over many students to Claudia, both beginners and advanced. She teaches yoga, Pilates, barre and fitness classes, drawing on more than 25 years of experience.

Claudia charges €19 per month (7-day trial available), offering unlimited access to all weekly classes and on-demand videos, with at least four new videos added each month.

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Malachy Kelly

From canoeing 200km across subarctic Finland to studying nutritional therapy, sports massage and neuromuscular therapy, Irish-born instructor Malachy certainly has a rich background. He’s also successfully quit smoking and beaten obesity, losing 30kg in two years.

Nowadays you can find him teaching strength training, HIIT, yoga and Pilates on Strydal. He offers live classes most weekday evenings, in addition to an extensive on-demand video library, for €50 per month (7-day free trial available).

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Susanna Affaba

Based in Milan, Italy, Susanna has been teaching Pilates since 2014. Her weekly classes promise to help students find their balance in busy lives.

Her memberships are priced at €48 per month for 2x Pilates classes per week, covering the Pilates repertoire of toning, control and flexibility, with particular attention to strengthening the entire spine.

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What is ELDOA, you might ask? It’s a series of postural exercises developed by a French osteopath more than 30 years ago to stretch and strengthen the spine, improve posture and mobility, and more.

With so many people suffering from back pain in the modern world (and especially with the recent rise in home working), ELDOA continues to attract new devotees. The fact it requires no equipment makes it perfect for practising at home.

Twilight ELDOA

This collective was founded by four instructors (Sarah, Janine, Sheri and Rebecca) who rotate teaching duties to provide a varied perspective and approach to ELDOA.

Their membership plans start at €40 per month (7-day trial available) for up to three classes per week, with a daily schedule. They also offer a “Household” package (€75/month), giving people living under one roof joint access to all classes.

>>See Twilight ELDOA’s channel<<

Sarah King

If you’re part of a teaching collective or established “real-world” studio and want to start offering your own classes online, then take a look at Sarah King’s profile for some inspiration.

In addition to ELDOA, Sarah also offers Pilates, strength, and myofascial stretching classes. She has three membership tiers: Light (€25 per month), Medium (€35) and Heavy (€50), and delivers up to three classes a week, in addition to on-demand videos.

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“If you can talk then you can sing, if you can walk you can dance,” goes the African proverb. Encouraging words for those of us born with two left feet, but that’s where our talented roster of dance teachers comes in!

A range of disciplines is available from beautiful ballet to modern hip hop and genre-defying NIA techniques: there’s something here for everyone.

Vic Henze

Vic delivers barre classes from Berlin which combine the strengthening of Pilates, the movement of ballet, and the mobility of yoga. The result? Long, lean, sculpted muscles, and physical and mental wellbeing.

Participants can expect three energetic bodyweight routines or exercises per class, using basic props to shape, elongate, and strengthen their body. Memberships cost €29 per month for 8x 30-minute sessions, plus 4x new on-demand videos.

>>See Vic’s channel<<

Thomas Romano

French instructor Thomas teaches NIA (Non-Impact Aerobic) classes, combining martial arts, modern dance and yoga in a workout set to music.

His monthly membership plans start at €48 and promise a complete workout that stimulates your neuro-muscular system, reflexes and postural alignment.

>>See Thomas’s channel<<

The Studio Dance School

This real-world studio on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes was founded by Scottish choreographer Gail McKinlay, and offers a range of classes spanning hip-hop, jazz, ballet and pole dancing.

Classes are currently available online via Strydal, with memberships costing €30 per month for full access to classes and on-demand videos (free trial available on some plans).

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Clarity of thought, stability of emotion and power of focus are just some of the benefits attributed to a regular meditation practice. No wonder that interest has risen since the current Covid pandemic began.

Its Latin root meditare (‘to ponder/contemplate’) only tells part of what it is: meditative practices include mindfulness (that is, awareness of thoughts and feelings), as well as concentrative techniques such as focusing on the breath or bodily sensations, and visualization.

Lina Escherhaus

Teaching from her home in Berlin, Lina gives meditation classes which are focused on mindfulness and rooting yourself in the ‘here and now’, as a way of better coping with stress and pressure.

Her memberships cost €19 per month for the ‘Basic’ package (one live class per month, plus on-demand videos and chat sessions with her), or €30 per month for the ‘All-in’ package (4x live classes per month, plus on-demand videos and chat). 7-day trials are available for all plans.

>>See Lina’s channel<<

Henrietta Hammarlund

As the founder of the ‘Scandinavian Meditation’ method, Henrietta combines ancient and modern techniques with a Scandi twist.

Her memberships start at €15 per month (free trial available) and include 2x live classes per week, access to the full on-demand video library, a members-only newsletter and ‘Soul Sunday Masterclass’ once a month.

>>See Henrietta’s channel<<

We hope you enjoyed this look at some of the amazing creators currently using our platform! For lots of useful advice on how to build your own online business, head to

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