Our top-earning creators share their advice for thriving on Strydal

From technical tips to mindset shifts, there’s gold in this hard-earned wisdom…
February 25, 2021
Jamie Beach

Who better to ask how to thrive on Strydal than the people who already got there?

We asked some of our most successful creators what their best advice is for people who just joined our platform to build an online business.

Their responses? Yes there was equipment advice and marketing tips. However, they mostly emphasized the importance of finding and applying the right mindset.

Which we all know is super-important for success in any endeavor!

Let’s dive in…

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“Skip perfection – embrace imperfection”

When you’re starting with online classes for the first time, it’s tempting to think that everything needs to be “perfect”. That unless you get it right to begin with, you’re doomed to fail.

The truth (as with many things in life) is that it’s a learning process – you have to try a few things out first, and see what works. Discover what your members enjoy, and what you like doing.

“Give yourself permission to ‘start ugly,'” says Berlin-based yoga teacher Sophie Schwarz. “Try to find joy in the process. In not knowing everything, in stepping out of your comfort zone. Skip perfection – embrace imperfection.”

We love the idea of finding joy in stepping out of your comfort zone, Sophie!

Commit yourself to making it a success

Another important mindset shift we frequently heard is to commit yourself fully. Don’t view this as a hobby or a side project, but go all-in on making this your main income stream for the future.

“What made a big difference for me was making clear in my mind that this could be not just a temporary solution to the current situation, but a long-term plan for my business,” says Francesca Carossino.

“Shifting my mindset made me invest more time in the project. I've been more consistent in my schedule, giving more opportunity for new people to join, and enabling my core of students to feel more supported in their practice.”

Ask your members what they want

As we’ve mentioned before, finding your teaching niche was another hot tip from our cohort of creators. Why? It helps you differentiate yourself from the thousands of others online.

“Ask your members what they need; don’t give them what you think they need,” says Sophie. It’s worth thinking first about who your ideal members actually are, so you can ask the right people what they need. Something to consider!

Similarly, yoga teacher and business coach Antonia Reinhard suggests asking your community “what they want and what time and duration they want to practice”. Maybe via an Instagram poll.

This has the added benefit of engaging them already in the creation process, says yoga teacher Nadine Bader. This often translates into a more enthusiastic group of members, we find.

Savor the freedom to choose

The wonderful thing about teaching online is that you don’t have to be restricted in ways that the physical world demands, like following certain schedules or teaching styles.

“Like many other yoga teachers, I work as a freelancer in different studios, I never owned a yoga studio myself,” says Francesca.

“I see my Strydal page as my yoga studio where finally I have the freedom to decide the styles, the schedule and the concept.”

Don’t neglect the technical quality

More than one of our creators mentioned the importance of high-quality sound and video. “Get a really good microphone,” says Antonia, “sound is super important”.

Likewise, Italian yoga teacher Rosita Pompili suggests buying at least one light that you can point directly at you. (Suggestions here)

“And check your camera angles before starting the class to see if you fit in the frame with arms extended up,” she adds.

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13 practical tips for new creators

OK now let’s look at a few practical tips that these successful creators shared with us. These are short and sweet pieces of advice that they picked up the hard way, so you don’t have to!

We’ve also added a few tips from us, which we think every new creator should consider. Give them a try and let us know how you get on!

1. Don't expect immediate results

“When you first start your online business with Strydal, be patient with yourself and of course your clients,” says Nadine.

2. Don't try to do too much, too quickly

“Start with fewer live classes and add more over time, rather than front loading,” says Antonia.

3. Remember PMA: Positive Mental Attitude

“Become aware of negative self-talk. Celebrate and trust yourself,” says Sophie.

4. Be concise and clear

“Make the description of the course short and to the point,” says Rosita. 

“Your students want to understand what they’re committing to, but you can get into details directly in class before you start each practice session.”

5. Promote some free trials

This is the first tip from us – give free trials a try. The conversion rate to paying member is astounding (75% on average!)

6. Be patient, with yourself and others

“When you teach your first class, be patient if something goes wrong, and be patient about creating your audience,” says Nadine.

“It all takes time but it will grow. You’ll see. You’re doing a great job.”

7. Send personal welcome messages via Strydal chat 

Another tip from us – you’ll soon see how your new members are positively surprised by the friendly welcome, and message you back!

8. Remember to rest and recharge

“Give yourself time to rest,” reminds Sophie.

9. Welcome all feedback, good and bad

“Be open for feedback!” says Rosita. “For feedback on the schedule, the way you speak (remember they’re not there with you), and the kind of practice you provide online.” 

10. Partner with a creator in a different vertical

Another tip from us. For example, if you’re a yoga teacher, find a HIIT creator that you could work with (or already know), and suggest working together to promote each other’s memberships!

11. Don’t feel bad about a little self-promotion

“It’s necessary to post your classes repeatedly on your social media channels to let people know about it,” says Nadine.

12. Send a regular newsletter

“Create an email list and write something nice every month, so they feel connected to you outside of the yoga class,” suggests Antonia.

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13. Remember to enjoy it!

“Last but not least: have fun!” says Sophie.

We hope you enjoyed this advice from our top-earning creators on how to thrive with Strydal! Thanks to our contributors, and we look forward to seeing what amazing things you all create.

>>Quick-start guide to Strydal [6 steps]<<
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P.s. Have you heard about cohort-based programs? They’re a more effective way for your members to practice and learn, and they’re easier to sell – that’s a win-win!

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