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So you want to launch a cohort-based program?

Strydal is the leading online platform for independent fitness and wellbeing professionals to turn their passion for teaching into a thriving online business.

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Why will your clients prefer it?

  • Cohort-based programs target a clear consumer need
  • They offer a structured way to achieve goals & build habits within a specific timeframe
  • This increases commitment, completion and satisfaction rates
  • Clients stick to the plan because it's led by a creator they trust and respect
  • They're joined by a group of like-minded people who support them along the way

Why is it better for you to sell?

  • Something special that not everyone else is selling
  • Easier to market, as it addresses a specific consumer need
  • Not just another on-demand course or unstructured live classes
  • Clearly defines your niche and offers something unique

What is an online cohort-based program?

A cohort is a group of students who progress through a program together. Cohorts are:

- Community-focused: Students complete activities collaboratively, and support each other effectively. They attend the same live classes, watch the same videos and train together
- Time-based: they have a specific start and end date
- Typically a group of 10-100 like-minded members

Benefits of cohort-based programs

Your members will love being able to rely on fellow participants for some support and motivation
Better Results and Completion Rates
The ability to interact with the creator and collaborate with peers leads to better outcomes
Higher Engagement
as a Community
When people share an experience together, it makes them feel part of something bigger than themselves
Accountability and Greater Commitment
It's much easier to stay motivated when following a structured program & engaging with others
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