€100 referral bonus -
refer a creator to Strydal and you'll both earn €50!

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How it works

Get rewarded in three easy steps


Refer your friend

Fill in the form below with your friend's email address to get started


Friend gets invite

Your friend will get a personal invitation from us to join Strydal


You both earn €50

Once your friend becomes active and has earned the first €100 revenue


How many friends can I refer in total?

You can refer as many as you'd like. The more you refer the better for you, your friends and Strydal! For every successful referral you'll receive €50 in cash.

When will we get the €100 bonus?

You (and your friend) will get your bonus as soon as your referred friend becomes an active teacher on Strydal and earns their first €100. We'll inform you when that happens and ask for your bank details in order to transfer the €100 reward.

Can I refer a creator to Strydal (without using Strydal myself)?

Yes, of course. Everyone can refer new creators to Strydal, even if you are not a creator yourself.

Refer your friend

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